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Vintage Irish WW1 Propaganda 'Our Boys in France. Come and Have a Look at Them. Sure to See Some of Your Friends', Ireland, 1914-18, Reproduction 200gsm A3 Vintage Propaganda Poster

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An interesting collection of Irish propaganda posters from the potato famine of the mid-19th century to the First World War, all faithfully reproduced by World of Art and printed on quality 200gsm-thick four-star Green Star eco-friendly paper with a soft-satin low-sheen finish and high quality inks to retain colour vibrancy for years to come. Green star system approved paper is a universally recognised eco-responsibility paper based on the origin of the fibre and the manufacturing process. All our posters are standard A3 size and look beautiful with or without frames but if you're thinking of framing then a standard A3 frame will fit perfectly. All posters come with a thin white border. 

Please note before ordering all our posters are reproduction posters 

Standard A3 Size

16.53" x 11.69"

42cm x 29.7cm

420mm x 297mm

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Irish troops in the British Army appear to have been treated with particular harshness. They constituted just two per cent of the membership of the force, yet they were the recipients of eight per cent of all death sentences imposed by its courts-martial. Estimates on the number of executed ranging from 25 to 30 of the Irish war dead were victims of court martial executions. Opposition to the war in Ireland, may have therefore been influenced by perceived discrimination by British High Command against Irish soldiers. On average one British soldier out of every 3,000 of their troops that died in the war did so due to being court martialed and executed by firing squad, compared to the much higher one out of every 600 of the Irish troops that died. Out of the total that were executed, 26 have since been retroactively pardoned.